Yunus Textile Mills began as a cloth trading business house in 1962 from a small set up. The producers secured a popular role as a leading home textile exporter during a very brief period of time. We are part of the Yunus Brothers Company, which began operations in 1998 on the basis of advanced technological assistance, solid technology and high-quality human capital. The number of export deliveries for sales reaches 99.9% of overall demand. The turnover in USD is 1.5 trillion. Yunus Textile Mills already directly supplies most of the USA and Europe’s private and leading retail brands. We are a vertically integrated business with the largest home textile exporter in Karachi , Pakistan.

Actually, Yunus Textile Mills provides our customers with services such as DDP, Port to Door Shipping, Drop Ship, Replenishment Shipping to DCs, which include US and European brands:


H-23/1, Landhi Industrial Area, Karachi, Sindh