We are pioneers in the growth, development and manufacture of knitted apparel products that respond to changing market trends from simple to highly trendy clothing.

Our goal is to be a competitive, productive and growth-oriented business by providing its shareholders and investors with a strong return on investment, quality goods for its consumers, a healthy and friendly working atmosphere for its workers and projecting the picture of Pakistan on the international market.

  • The largest manufacturer of textile goods, supplying its consumers with the best standard of products and services.
  • To aim for success by determination, sincerity, competence and teamwork.
  • In order to continue playing an appropriate part in the social and environmental aspects of the business, strongly responsible business and a valued corporate citizen.
  • Build a highly engaged and educated, trained workforce that drives development through creativity and renovation.
  • Sustained earnings increases in actual terms.


Sargodha Road, Muslim Town 2, Faisalabad, Pakistan