Young Entrepreneur Joseph Teshome set up AP in 2008. An indian, Mr. Teshome has worked diligently in Washington D.C. to grow this and other small business operations. Region regional. That small company has represented the metropolitan city of Washington DC for decades. AP has shown to its clients that it can compete with its bigger, non-minority companies because of its first-class technical treatment and commitment to its clients and its excellent reputation for reliability, transparency and unprecedented parking service delivery.

AP as of 2008. And its associates have met customer parking needs in the Mid-Atlantic region through the provision of skilled traffic maintenance and advisory services. Our credibility for our business is founded on our ability to successfully satisfy consumer demands by handling their property efficiently with an operating approach that encourages the highest level of customer support, maximises sales and minimises expenses.

Over the years we have taken the lead in designing innovative and multifaceted technologies for new and current installations, assessing operating standards and creating equipment enhancements and/or replacement criteria to satisfy changing needs.

The organisation offers a broad range of parking related services – including but not limited to – maintaining and running parking facilities, valet parking facilities, advisory services, and facility management services for our diverse customer categories.


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1740 14th Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20009, United States

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