The Founder and Chairman of the AmeriONE ® Group of Companies are Rashid-Al-Ameri. Through his exceptional entrepreneurship expertise and communication experience, he has achieved in developing innovative business prospects across diverse industries around the U.S., UK, and the Middle East area — developing technology-focused consultancies and businesses across partnership through international investors. Skilled from the University of Houston with years of substantial Middle East business experience, he instigates promising possibilities for un-tapped growth-hacking. His strong track record is driven by the creation of options and facilities that meet Dubai’s skyrocketing opportunities.


Why Advisor

Advisor helps small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) that lack operating efficiencies and consequently drive the profit margins below the industry level or potential.

We take basic functionaries of customers (cost center) and simplify financial management, payroll, human resources and others by allowing the best use of tailored processes suited to their market climate.

Our services’ primary aim is to maximize organizational efficiencies and reduce substantial costs, which immediately hit their bottom line.

For the Assignments / Projects, we use formalized methods to ensure that they are executed according to accepted criteria to satisfy the standards of our respected customers with due consideration.

Via counseling, publications, circulars and documents, customers are kept up-to-date with the continually evolving market climate.

Our staff are seasoned senior-level professionals with real-world successes, helping to maintain instant consumer expectations, reputation and outcomes with absolute honesty.



  • Best Quality Total Support Services
  • Trained Resource
  • Perfect Combination of Process, People & Technology (PPT)
  • Expert Professional Services
  • Qualified & Experienced Cost Accountant, Chartered Accountant, and Accounting and Finance Professionals
  • Guaranteed Quality
  • Best Cyber Security


  • Accountants
  • BookKeepers
  • Carpenters
  • Tax Services


Office # 910, Block- B, Business Village, Dubai United Arab Emirates