Facilitating responsibility on the part of the business community: PM Imran Khan

Facilitating responsibility on the part of the business community: PM Imran Khan

KARACHI: PM Imran Khan met with a trade delegation in Karachi on Saturday and said the government had an responsibility to promote the business community;

Adviser to PM on Finance Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, Governor State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Reza Baqir and federal ministers also participated in the conference.

The traders praised the prime minister for the successful COVID-19 policy and during the time providing assistance to the business community.

Speaking on the occasion, Imran Khan said the business community plays a crucial role in any country’s development. “Providing business sector services is one of the Government’s top priorities,” he said.

He said the government had implemented a structured plan for dealing with coronavirus, ensuring public protection and running business side by side.

The Prime Minister said the building sector special package would create job opportunities in the region. “We plan to put in company development and acquisition processes,” he declared.

The team also proposed introducing changes to manufacturing and tax reforms to the Prime Minister.

It’s important to note here that the prime minister is visiting Karachi after the latest rain spell in the city has wrought havoc.

Earlier that day, on Saturday, Prime Minister Imran unveiled a ‘historic’ Rs1100 billion financial package to execute a reform programme intended to meet the city’s problems and economic needs.

Briefing media about the Karachi package here at Governor House, Prime Minister Imran Khan said the federal government has been well aware of the problems faced by Karachi residents over the past several years and the PTI government has agreed to address all the pending metropolitan issues.

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