Vidmate for iOS: Installation Guide of Vidmate for iOS without Jailbreak

iPhone OS or ios is the most popular mobile operating system specially created and developed by Apple Inc. for its hardware devices, while vidmate is the most popular and trusted app used by the users to download and stream various videos, audios, and movies for free. Vidmate for ios is the most desired combination one can ever imagine to have full entertainment. Many of the websites claim that there is no vidmate for ios.

Vidmate for ios

Here the question arises whether there is any vidmate for ios. Well, the answer is, yes. Now we will answer your next question, “is there vidmate software free download for iPhone”. Again answer is yes. In this article, we will tell you about how to download vidmate for apple.  You will glad to know that the process to download vidmate for iPhone 4s, vidmate for iPhone 5s, vidmate for iPhone 6,vidmate for iPhone 6s, vidmate for iPhone 6 plus, vidmate for iPad, vidmate for iPad 2 is same.

Features of Vidmate for ios

To justify the goodness of the Vidmate have a look to some of its useful features –

  1. It has unlimited movies of different languages and of different countries.
  2. You can download and stream any video anytime. Also, you can save videos to watch them later.
  3. You can stop any download anytime. It can be resumed after some time. So even if the download has been stopped accidentally, it can be resumed saving data and time of the user.
  4. It has given its users the option to bookmark the tags for future reference.
  5. It also provides the option to delete the history of
  6. It also has popular TV channels, so you can watch your favorite TV serials anytime.
  7. The user can specify the resolution of the downloading content, as per his requirements.
  8. It also allows users to download the quality of the video from low quality to HD.
  9. It provides users the facility to share its contents to various social networking sites.
  10. It also provides users the facility to download the contents of various social networking sites.

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How to Download Vidmate for iOS

Below are the steps to download the vidmate app for iPhone. vidmate ios app can easily be downloaded from the vidmate apple store. Please follow the following steps to download

Step 1: Open Apple Store on your device.

Step 2: In the Search bar, search “Vidmate app”.

Step 3: Now select Install.

Step 4:  You need to click on “Accept”. Again click on “Accept” in order to install vidmate for ios.

Step 5: This will download and install vidmate for apple. Now open “Vidmate App” to have unlimited entertainment.


Vidmate for ios is specially designed. Now since you know about the whole process of how to download the vidmate app for iPhone. You can enjoy free movies, audio and videos of the quality you desire. So start enjoying movies unlimited.

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