Black Zero Canada Electrical Contractors was established in Mississauga Ontario in 2003 by Mujahid Farooq Electrical / Telecommunications Engineer and certified interprovincial traveller and Master Electrician trained in various fields of electrical installations including everything from high-voltage to voice/data installations.

Black Zero Canada Electrical has installed various types of electrical to different fields such as Telco offices, Cellular shelters and base stations, gas stations, schools, warehouses, large condo developments, large box stores, large chain grocery stores, industrial buildings and many other building types.

Black Zero Canada started with just a few travellers and helpers and has continuously grown to employ five to ten travellers plus helpers anywhere, and currently employs three travellers and eight helpers.

The fast-moving pace of today has made it important to stay on top of new building types, technology, electrical codes and safety regulations.


3-125 Traders Blvd E, Mississauga, ON, Canada