Hafeez Shaikh: Govt tried to get the economy on track

Hafeez Shaikh: Govt tried to get the economy on track

KARACHI: Adviser on Finance and Revenue to the Prime Minister Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh reiterated on Monday the government’s determination to provide a favourable environment for investors in the country.

Speaking to the media during his visit to the Pakistan Stock Exchange ( PSX) where he attended a ceremony to mark the listing of PHL’s Pakistan Energy Sukuk II worth Rs200 billion on the Exchange, he said that 90 % of consumers of gas and utility stores receive subsidies to provide relief to the public.

Hafeez Shaikh said the government provided the industrial sector with power and gas subsidies to stimulate economic growth and urged the business community to find new markets for their products and use new tools for business promotion.

He said that when the incumbent government came to power, there was a crisis-like situation, adding that it tried to put the economy on the right track and put in programs to give the poor cash handouts to alleviate poverty. He pointed out that the government is paying particular attention to eradicating poverty and improving the living standards of the disadvantaged sections of society.

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